Diamond Cocktail ®

Diamond Cocktail is a division of Diamond House and is located in Antwerp, Belgium. Antwerp is the famous home of diamonds and diamond jewelry.

My name is Rob van Beurden and in 1987 I founded Diamond House. I specialize in diamond wholesale and retail and I am a registered member of the Antwerp Diamond Bourse.

Since 1991, Diamond House has served many "Diamond Cocktails" at its exclusive diamond parties.

The Diamond Cocktail is a way to add something new and different to your party, whether during the cocktail hour, dinner, or any other time during the event. At game time your guests are typically divided into small groups, which serves as an excellent ice breaker and conversation starter at the beginning of your event.

The Diamond Cocktail itself is a glass of champagne with a three mm brilliant cut stone in it. Most of the stones are cubic zirconia, but according to the direction of the client, some of the stones are genuine diamonds. Attached to the glass is a small green cord with a card that reads, "Let's drink to a sparkling future. However, drink with care, for each glass contains a diamond. Or is it a fake...?"

Each guest is told about the nature of the event when served the Diamond Cocktail. This, of course, is to keep anybody from swallowing the diamond. As the evening progresses and people chat about the originality of the game, one of our experts slowly mingles through the crowd to check each small "stone" using his diamond loupe. Only he can distinguish a diamond from a cubic zirconia with his loupe.